mr. millapede [aka jase]


we may spend time hibernating in our underground studio, and have lots of legs to our name, but that's where our likeness to small creepy crawlies ends.

Basically, we just love creating stuff!

Millapede Projects has been helping artists, musos and people like you, use great design and impressive sound to give their ideas the legs to be seen and heard by the world. Founded in 2006 by husband and wife team JASON and CLAIRE MILLAR and based in Fremantle, Western Australia, a simple idea over a few glasses of red, led to a business that has grown from the ‘room upstairs’ to a successful multi-faceted studio with an ever-growing list of clients.

STUFF WE CREATE: websites, cd artwork, band demos + ep's, good coffee, biz cards, posters, voice overs, artist catalogues, funky kids, stationery, exhibition invites, custom content management systems, promo material, books... the list is endless...

MRS. MILLAPEDE [aka claire]