claire millar

claire millar
[head honcho: design]

just like romeo and juliet, design and Claire have always gone hand in hand.
It was just the way it had to be.

From her first scribbles [if you can call them that] in her colouring book [never outside the lines] to her insistence as a preschooler on spelling her name with a k because ‘it just looks better’. It was written in the stars!

Officially, Claire started her life as a design junkie doing menus and promo material for the restaurant she managed as a 19 year old. She then graduated from work experience girl to full-time designer at media on mars for many years. She's also worked in-house for Turner Galleries and freelanced as pLaneTKLaiRe after hours before becoming a Millapede.

Claire also has background as an exhibited artist and one time classical guitarist. She can give you some sound parenting advice but don’t ask her about coffee...


longs for the day when all browsers are created equal

doesn't do beige

does her best coding to empire of the sun

is a nerd at heart

is a red + black kinda gal [did u guess?]