jason millar

jason millar
[head honcho: sound]

Jase is happiest sitting in his big swivel chair with his speakers pointed to his ear canals tweaking sound files.

Jason is a sound engineer and working musician. [check him in action]. Since graduating from SAE [School of Audio Engineering] in 1994, Jason has worked as a live and studio engineer. After running flavoured sounds recording studio in Leederville, producing demos for local bands, Jason then became a full time engineer at M2 Technology where he was producing radio advertisements and voice-overs for corporate video and on-hold material.

2010 was a big year for Jase, with productions under his belt for Perth alternative rockers still frame mind, Gasoline Inc and Lumia. Following on from that sucess, he is now currently mixing the latest EP for SFM and in pre-preduction for the next exciting Gasoline Inc release.

Aside from music, Jase is also obsessed with good coffee.
His parenting advice ain’t too bad either.


doesn't do instant coffee

is obsessed with delay pedals

is cutting a bit around 500hz + boosting at about 8kz

is constantly concerned with the freo dockers performance