love it or hate it, we can pretty safely say, the web is here to stay...

For those of you out there who aren't as nerdy as us, the internet can sometimes be a pretty overwhelming, exciting and full-on place. It can also be a bit boring and repetitive if design and funtionality are too low down on the list of site 'must-haves'.

We firmly believe you don't have to dumb-down your site to take it to the masses. We design and build websites that take your viewers on a bit of a journey. We give them a few road signs, but let them draw their own map. You want your band, project or career to have longevity, so your site should too. Remember, keeping it fresh and interactive can be the difference between a second, third or fiftieth visit!

It is no good building a great site though, if no-one knows about it or how to get there! Aside from using standards compliant code, we also know the importance of spinning social media into the web, to assist with search engine ratings and site traffic. We can help you set up your facebook, twitter or blog account and give you a few pointers on how best to utilise those tools to get more out of your website!

spin me a WEB...

google analytics set-up

standards compliant, valid xhtml + css?
of course!